Everyone is welcome at the Y

The Y Brisbane is not just committed to embracing and encouraging diversity among staff and members – we celebrate it!
At the Y Brisbane, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of who we are. Every person deserves the right to work in a welcoming, encouraging and inspiring environment.
We strive to provide opportunities for all individuals, regardless of race, age, language, gender, country of origin, cultural background, religion, sexual orientation or disability.
The goal of our welcoming workplace culture is to allow everyone to feel celebrated, as feeling included is a huge part of our health and wellbeing.

Key Focus Areas

Below you'll find our key focus areas that form the culture, values and mission of the Y Brisbane.

Healthy Living
Young people have the right to a healthier life and we cultivate the happiness that goes with being physically active.

Empowering young people
We value the uniqueness and diversity of young Australians. We develop and run programs that help build resilience, improve social engagement and create fulfilling lives.

Social Impact
We seek to create positive change through community programs that not only benefit young people, but also give them a chance to make a difference.